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Tim finds that keeping such information on Internet Web Pages is very convenient for reference purposes, can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world, and is yet another way of backing up information.

Most Important Of All
NRA Gun Safety Rules
Gun Safety LESSONS LEARNED: Rule #1
Gun Safety LESSONS LEARNED: Rule #2
Gun Safety LESSONS LEARNED: Rule #3
Gun Collections
Scattergun Collection
Flint Ignition Collection
Pinfire Collection
First Multiple Shot Cartridge Shotgun Collection
Winchester Single Shot Break Down Shotgun Collection
Remington Single Shot Break Down Shotgun Collection
Glass Gun
Cartridge Collection
Gun Information
Ignition Systems
Books Researched
Gun Digests
Flayderman's Guides
What Is It?
Hard Hit Heart
Gun Wood Working
Stock Stripping
Stock Cleaning
Stock Crack Repair
Stock Dent Removal
Stock Oil Finishing
Stock Oil/Varnish Finishing
Stock Oil Finish Comparison
Stock Staining
Stock Finish Matching
Stock Finish Touch-Up
Stock Cleaned And Finished
Stock Aged Finish Without Stain
Stock Checkering
Stock Missing-Wood Repair
Stock Bad-Repair Repair
Stock Butt Plate Repair
Gun Metal Working
Rust Prevention
Blued Metal Cleaning
Rusted Metal Cleaning
Brass Metal Cleaning
Silver Metal Cleaning
Blueing Comparison Of Liquid Versus Paste
Blueing Touch-Up
Metal Repair
Gun Preservation
Winchester Model 20
Winchester Model 41 (or EASTERN ARMS COMPANY)
Gun And Book Racks and Displays
Gun Racks
Book Rack
Gun Display Case
Gun Auctions
Absentee Bidding
Buyer's Remorse
History Detectives
Gun History Detective
Green History Detectives
Calculate Area Of Any Two Dimensional Surface
Due to popular demand of the above DOS application, a Windows application will be created and made available to the public. Stay tuned!
Create Your Own Web Page
Vehicle Projects
Street Rod Restoration
Street Machine Restoration
Pulsating Oil Pressure
Oil Pressure Puzzler
Oil Pressure Puzzler Answers
Home Improvements
Hardwood Flooring
Damp Basement Wall Solution
Radon Gas Mitigation
Porch Pitch Problem Pertaining To Poor PVC Pipe Precision
Wood Working
Test Photos
World On Wheels Car Show Photos
Super Summit XII Car Show Photos
V-8 Monza Gathering Photos
Hot Rod Nationals Photos
Miami Valley Steam Thresher Show Photos
Franklin County Fair Tractor And Truck Pull Photos
Vintage Truck Show Photos
Powell Cruise-In Photos
ATPA World Finals Tractor Pulls Photos
Patty Loveless Concert Photos
Model Collections
Consumer Reports
Consumers Report
Sound Room
Other Activities
Low Cost Luxury Living (as requested)
No Cost Activities
Previous Activities

NAVL Owner/Operator Semi Truck Drivers
Research Vessel: KIRSTEN BRAVO
Research Vessel: OLGA BRAVO
Research Vessel: WESTERN HORIZON
Green High Class Of 1975

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