First Multiple Shot Cartridge Shotgun Collection

This is Tim's First Multiple Shot Cartridge Shotgun Collection. The collection consists of the first Multiple Shot Cartridge Shotguns produced. The list that follows indicates the first such shotguns produced:
1. First Double Barrel (1836) Lefaucheux Pinfire (1836-?)
2. First Rotary Action (1866) Roper Rotary Action (1866-?)
3. First Slide Action (1882) Spencer Slide Action (1882-1889)
4. First Lever Action (1887) Winchester Model 1887 (1887-1901)
5. First Recoil Operated Automatic (1903) Browning Fabrique Nationale Auto Loader (1903-1905)
6. First Winchester Recoil Operated Automatic (1911) Winchester 1911SL Self Loader (1911-1925)
7. First Bolt Action (1920's) German Mauser 1898 Conversion Export (1920's)
8. First Gas Operated Automatic (1955) J.C. Higgins Model 60 by High Standard (1955-?)

Photographs of the guns in the collection follow with descriptions given below each photo. A black and white photograph indicates a gun yet to be added to the collection.

Lefaucheux Double Barrel Pinfire, 16 Gauge (1836)

Roper Rotary Action (1866)

Spencer Slide Action (1882)

Winchester Model 1887 Lever Action (1887)

Browning Fabrique Nationale Auto Loader Recoil Operated (1903)

Winchester 1911SL Self Loader (1911-1925)

German Mauser 1898 Bolt Action Conversion Export, 12 Gauge (1920s)
This gun is from Zane Wilson's Collection

J.C. Higgins Model 60 Automatic Gas Operated by High Standard (1955)