Damp Basement Wall Solution

The information below describes and shows how to resolve a damp basement wall issue.

Damp basement wall. Cut out four 3" weep holes at footer:

Dig out gravel from previously installed single 3" weep hole:

Dig out all dirt along entire wall to footer:

Bury dirt:

Waterproof lower portion of wall and install filter fabric and 4" perforated drainage pipe:

Waterproof remainder of wall, install remainder of filter fabric, insulate wall, and fill with gravel. Note that the vertical perforated drainage pipe connected to that along footer is to aid in radon gas venting. This pipe extends to just below the ground level and is capped and then covered. For information on radon gas removal, see Radon Gas Mitigation.

Lay filter fabric over gravel and mulch:

Spray wall with 2 applications of bleach 24 hours apart, scrape and belt sand wall, then paint with two coats of Zinsser WATERTITE MOLD & MILDEW-PROOF WATERPROOFING PAINT: