Welcome To The Projects

Below are some of Tim's current, previous, and future projects.

This is one of Tim's current projects.
1932 Ford Model B (Model 18 V-8) 5 Window Coupe
350, Automatic
See the "Street Rod Restoration"
1932 Ford

This is Tim's first car and first full restoration project.
1969 Camaro SS, 350, Automatic
See the "Street Machine Restoration"
1969 Camaro SS

This is Murphy's Monza #3.
1979 Monza Spyder, 350, Automatic
1979 Monza Spyder

This is Murphy's Monza #1.
1975 Monza 2+2, 327, Automatic
1975 Monza

This is Tim's first engine/undercarriage project (That's Tim in the photo).
1968 Corvette, 327, 4 Speed
1968 Corvette
1968 Corvette

This is a project Tim assisted with (That's Tom in the photo).
1967 Camaro SS, 396, 4 Speed

This is the first "Brand New" vehicle Tim ever bought.
1982 GMC Astro, 300 Cummins, 10 Speed, 8 Wheel Drive
(Tractor payments: $279.35 per WEEK, CB handle: "Skeptical")

This is one of Tim's future projects.
Peterbilt 379EXHD, Motorhome/Car Hauler
Can you find Goliath? He is so adorable!

Below is something like one of Tim's future projects: a Peterbilt Car.
Tim has always said that the
"1932 Ford kinda looks like a Peterbilt"
so, how about a
"Peterbilt that kinda looks like a 1932 Ford".
TRUE STORY: Tim read a newspaper ad many years ago that stated:
For Sale: Vega. Looks like a Trans Am!
Tim called the person up and said:
Hi, Im calling about the Trans Am that looks like a Vega.
The person replied:
No, no. Its a Vega that looks like a Trans Am.
Tim replied:
Oh, Im looking for a Trans Am that looks like a Vega.

Peterbilt Car
This particular one is a 1964 Peterbilt.
It was set up to resemble a 1932 Ford Street Rod and is equipped with a
1951 M-47 12 cylinder 1,794 cubic inch Patton tank engine
that gets between 1.5 and 3.0 mpg.

How about a Peterbilt Pickup like the one below.
Peterbilt Pickup
This one is a 1994 Peterbilt put on a Dodge frame
that gets 20 mpg with the Peterbilt aluminum body.

How about a Cabover Motorhome.
Cabover Motorhome