Episode 30

The buttons above images are identified and described below:
     <<BACK    Go Back to the previous image in the set
     NEXT>>    Go to the Next image in the set
     ZOOM IN    Zoom into image
     NORMAL    Restore image to initial size
     ZOOM OUT    Zoom out of image
Repeating an operation is most effectively performed by clicking
on a button and then pressing the enter key repeatedly as desired.
Panning is most effectively performed by using the cursor keys.

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Episode 30

Who can tell us what is in the area of the aerial photograph(s) below?
The year that each aerial photo was taken is given in the upper left corner of the photo.
The clues will consist of adding another aerial photo of a later year to the set.


The aerial photos are oriented with north to the left (i.e. east is up) to use the computer screen
most effectively.




The solution is given below.

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UNLESS you would like to see the solution.


It's Greenwood Elementary School.

The aerial photo below includes a white rectangle to identify the area in the aerial photos above.
Green Primary School is to the right.

NOTE: The red polygons northeast and southeast of the area above identify the following sites that
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) believes and has documented as being "responsible for
negatively impacting the surrounding groundwater with the potential of presenting a significant
human health concern
   Industrial Excess Landfill (IEL), Superfund Site, Uniontown, Ohio, U.S. EPA ID: OHD000377911
   WISE ROAD DISPOSAL SITE, Green Township, Summit County, Ohio, U.S. EPA ID: OH0001328350
Those sites are investigated, explained, and explored in The Green History Detectives SOLUTIONs for
Episode 5 and Episode 23 respectively.
And to the northwest is Boettler Auto Salvage and to the southwest is Jonesy's Auto Salvage as explored
in The Green History Detectives SOLUTIONs for Episode 24 and Episode 27 respectively.