Public Interest

Public Interest

The bar graph below gives an indication of how interesting each episode of The Green History Detectives has been (up to March 24,2018) to the public based on the number of unique visitors to each page. The main page has had 1,804 unique visitors so far.

Episode 33 has been the most interesting with 960 visitors and is surely the most humorous with the hilarious statement below about an associated United States District Court lawsuit ruling:

Therefore, after their attorney collects his 50%, they will walk away with 50.
Episode 36 has been the least interesting with 76 visitors. Apparently, people are not very interested in sand and gravel.

There are currently 107 members of The Green History Detectives Facebook Group.

Other pages created separately while creating various episodes of The Green History Detectives have proven to be interesting to the public as well and are listed below with the number of visitors to each so far:

GREEN MONSTERS (2,368 visitors)
Consumer And Child Safety ALERT (1,404 visitors)
IEL Superfund Site, Uniontown, Ohio (1,031 visitors)
BRIDENTHAL FORD (851 visitors)
Though not part of The Green History Detectives directly, the Green High Class Of 1975 has had 3,106 visitors so far.