Consumer And Child Safety ALERT

As stated on THE GREEN HISTORY DETECTIVES web page, we strive to verify, clarify, and correct historical documentation for future generations. Most importantly, we notify the community when information pertaining to public safety, trust, and health is discovered.

As you may know, Ohio Governor John Kasich is running for President. Voters need to be informed that Kasich has been exposed as a mere silent bystander and has proven to be a coward in regard to the safety of his very own children.

John Kasich’s daughters, Emma and Reese, attend the private school that our son attended. To our horror and disgust, the administrators at that school, Worthington Christian Schools (WCS) and Grace Brethren Church (GBC) along with their attorney, got caught while deliberately putting all of our children in danger with several repeat child molesters for over 10 years while conspiring to deceive and defraud us all about it. As reported by The Columbus Dispatch newspaper, those WCS/GBC administrators were secretly recorded stating that they were indeed putting the children at “big-time liable” “risk” and that they believe “before God” is “the right thing” to do. Note too that some WCS/GBC teachers, staff, and parents also took part in those serious crimes. The Internet web site ‘THE ABCs OF BETRAYAL' at ABCsOfBetrayal.com documents that 10-year Conspiracy of Criminal Negligence, Deception, Fraud, and Cover-Ups and includes audio recordings of those who got caught.

John Kasich refused to respond to my email messages and letters and failed to do anything about these serious crimes that were committed against both of our families and thousands of others. Note too that I also wrote to Kasich’s Campaign Manager as well as (now Lieutenant Governor) Mary Taylor and they too refused to respond. Therefore, I pursued the matter on my own.

After the Columbus Prosecutor refused to fulfill his responsibility to prosecute the WCS/GBC administrators and their attorney, I began working with the Supreme Court of Ohio to have that WCS attorney disbarred for those crimes that he and his clients committed against thousands of consumers involving millions of dollars. Incredibly, that WCS attorney and the law firm he works for managed to persuade that Prosecutor to prosecute me instead for simply asking two questions (the first as suggested to me by the Supreme Court of Ohio) about those serious crimes. The Internet web page ‘Corruption Exposed By A Parent’ at ABCsOfBetrayal.com/Corruption.htm documents those events.

That law firm then tried desperately for months to have me put in jail; first for following the suggestion by the Supreme Court of Ohio, then again over the definition of the word “title”, then again because I contacted appeal attorneys, then again because a newspaper published a Letter To The Editor I wrote, and yet again for distributing purely factual political information about John Kasich. Then on January 24, 2011 they managed to have me put in jail for informing the public about a group of committed people who discover and alert the public about child molesters and about organizations that knowingly endanger children while harboring child molesters. However, on February 1, 2011 after 9 days in jail, Judge David B. Tyack released me from jail and dropped the entire ridiculous matter against me. The Internet web page ‘Your Tax Dollars At Work’ at ABCsOfBetrayal.com/TaxDollars.htm documents those events.

Note too that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (a political friend of John Kasich) also refuses to fulfill his responsibility to enforce our state laws to protect consumers and children as documented at ABCsOfBetrayal.com/OhioAG.htm

The Internet web site at NotKasich.com exposes John Kasich for the easily manipulated fool and coward that he has proven to be and would be DANGEROUS as Commander in Chief.

Thank you for helping to warn consumers, protect children, and inform voters who have a right to know,
Tim Ball