Episode 61

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Episode 61

The Green History Detectives' strive to verify, clarify, and correct historical documentation for future generations.
Most importantly, we notify the community when information pertaining to public safety, trust, and health is discovered.

We learned personally that Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is incompetent and corrupt and refuses to fulfill his responsibility to enforce our state laws to protect consumers and children. Mike DeWine is running for Governor of Ohio and we need to fulfill our responsibility to inform voters that DeWine has proven to be unfit for (any) pubic office because he is indeed incompetent and corrupt. See ABCsOfBetrayal.com/OhioAG.htm for documented details.

To fulfill our responsibility to inform voters (and to warn consumers and protect children), the web page Ohio News On Facebook was created. The links provided are to the Facebook pages of Ohio news and newspapers.
Please simply go to those Facebook pages and post your comments, with other posts relating to the Ohio Governor race, that Mike DeWine is unfit to be Governor of Ohio with the link ABCsOfBetrayal.com/OhioAG.htm that gives the proof.

To determine how effectively voters are being informed, the counters at the bottom of the web page ABCsOfBetrayal.com/OhioAG.htm and web site ABCsOfBetrayal.com will be monitored and plotted each week in the graph below:

The values given for the graph will be the offsets from the current counter values (926 and 61,418 on March 26, 2017) so that the plots will begin at zero.
To be counted, the web page address ABCsOfBetrayal.com/OhioAG.htm and web site address ABCsOfBetrayal.com should be included in your comment so people can go to that page and site for the proof, which will increment the counters.
Note that the information provided is completely true, accurate, and is publicly available.
Refer to Consumer And Child Safety ALERT for additional information.
Please do not use any profanity. However, words such as !@#$ and %^&* are permitted depending on context.

Thank you all once again for helping to inform voters, warn consumers, and protect children.