Episode 60

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Episode 60

The Green History Detectives' strive to verify, clarify, and correct historical documentation for future generations. Most importantly, we notify the community when information pertaining to public safety, trust, and health is discovered.
This is our opportunity to notify the entire country pertaining to public safety, trust, and health.

After Ohioans learned that John Kasich was running for President, citizens began pleading that voters across America be warned about John Kasich for the fraud (and easily manipulated coward) that Kasich is. See NotKasich.com for documented details.
In an effort to fulfill that request to inform voters (and to warn consumers and protect children), the web page News On Facebook was created. As indicated on that page, the links provided are to the Facebook pages of the most popular national news and radio talk as well as news in important states as the 2016 primary progresses.

If you like, and whenever is convenient for you, simply go to those Facebook pages and post your thoughts with other posts relating to the 2016 Presidential Election.
Examples of posts that may be used are provided at NOT Kasich Letters To The Editor.
There are also videos available at John Kasich In His Own Words, With Reenactments.

To determine how effectively voters are being informed, the counters at the bottom of the web sites NotKasich.com and ABCsOfBetrayal.com will be monitored and plotted each week in the graph below:

The values given for the graph will be the offsets from the current counter values (22,858 and 49,083 on January 31, 2016 at 1:00 PM) so that the plots will begin at zero.
To be counted, the web site addresses NotKasich.com and ABCsOfBetrayal.com should be included in your comment so people can go to the sites, which will increment the counters.
Note that the information provided on those web sites is completely true, accurate, and is publicly available.
Refer to Consumer And Child Safety ALERT for additional information.
Please do not use any profanity. However, words such as !@#$ and %^&* are permitted depending on context.
Please do not hesitate to make any suggestions or to ask any questions.

Thank you all for helping to inform voters, warn consumers, and protect children.