Episode 58

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Episode 58

Who can tell us what large building was once located in the middle of the aerial photograph(s) below?
The year that each aerial photo was taken is given in the upper left corner of the photo.
The clues will consist of adding another aerial photo of a later year to the set.

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FINAL CLUE: Below is a recent Google Maps Street View of the area:




The solution is given below.

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It's where The Colonial Inn (later the American Legion Post) was once located in Uniontown
where Apollo Street is now:

As written by Bruce Heisler:

This was a very big old building. At one time it was a roadhouse - gambling hall with a
big 5-6 foot high iron fence around it. There was a real thick door leading to the third
floor where the real gambling took place. It was said that Al Capone used to come here.
I believe it was owned by a man by the name of Axlerod. It was sold to the American
Legion Post. When I was growing up, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Palmer ran it as the Colonial Inn
and later Mr.and Mrs. Ray Bourn and others ran it for the Legion. Lloyd Grable bought it
and eventually decided to burn it down and make housing on the land. Some of this land
became the Uniontown Community Park.
Below is a recent Google Maps Street View of the area at Cleveland Avenue and Apollo Street:

The aerial photo below includes a white rectangle to identify the area in the aerial photos above: