Miscellaneous Tests

This 3.5"x5" photograph is of Tim explaining the "Facts Of Life" to Dave.
Camera: Vivitar PS:35, Setting: Auto, 730x509 Pixels, 150x150 DPI, File Size: 43,741

This 3.5"x4.5" photograph is of the engine compartment of
the 1969 Camaro SS during reassembly while restoring.
Camera: ITT Magic Flash, Setting: Tele-Photo, 660x513 Pixels, 300x300 DPI, File Size: 57,304

This 5"x7" photograph is of Tim mooning Murphy (of Murphy's Law)
while working on the 1975 Monza (327 Automatic).
It is Murphy's Monza #1 of 3
Camera: Canon AE-1, Setting: Auto, 1025x737 Pixels, 300x300 DPI, File Size: 101,566

This photograph consists of a couple closeups acquired from http://gunsamerica.com/
Note the highly desirable and pleasing, untouched, chocolate patina (i.e. rust, dust, and grime) that has been acquired over the years on the metal surfaces of these fine guns.
Not to mention the very attractive and coveted, uncleaned, strong deep patina (i.e. thick crusty crud) that has accumulated over many years on the stocks showing honest wear and completely original and untouched finely aged poor repairs.
926x1042 Pixels, 72x72 DPI, File Size: 187,938