Episode 63

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Episode 63

Who can tell us what is written upon the sign (?) in the Google Maps aerial view map below and where that sign (?) was once displayed?

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Clue #1:

A clue is provided in the small map in the lower left corner of that Google Maps map.

Clue #2:

Final Clue.

Clue #3 (Bonus Clue):

It was once known as "Kensington Lake".




The solution is given below.

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The sign is located in the yellow circle in the Google Maps aerial view map below, at what was formerly 'Pine Valley Lake Park', 'Bob's Lake', and evidently 'Kensington Lake'.
However, we still do not know what is written upon that sign. Perhaps the owner or a friend of the owner will inform us.
Or, maybe someone with a drone equipped with a camera can do a fly over and relay that information to us?
The position is: Latitude N4056'11.3" / Longitude W8129'53.4"

You may see the map and zoom and pan within that map at Google Maps map at 'Pine Valley Lake Park'.