Episode 37

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Episode 37

Who can tell us why the colors chosen for Green Local Schools were Orange and Black and not the
clearly obvious and logical choice of Green?


We have no clue why the clearly obvious and logical color Green for Green was not chosen.




The solution is given below.

DO NOT scroll down further

UNLESS you would like to see the solution.


The Green Alumni Association reported earlier this year that the Orange and Black colors were "selected"
by the Greensburg High School Class of 1914:

The Green Local Schools Director of Communication and Community Relations wrote that:

I will pass along to you what I know, from speaking to some LONG time residents of Green whom
remember (in loose detail) the origin of our black and orange color scheme. Documentation is
found in personal collections, that may not be made public until many years from now.
The “story” that has been told to me, is basically the same from different sources, with
involvement of neighboring school districts changing.
As Green was developing into a school community, and beginning to form athletic teams, the
town was not in a situation to purchase athletic uniforms. Hand me down uniforms were borrowed
from neighboring district(s), until the time Green could stand on their own. When Green finally
positioned themselves to purchase new uniforms, the decision was made to stick with Orange and
Black, staying with the uniform colors of Massillon Tigers and/or North Canton Vikings as the
borrowed teams. (One or the other or both is how the variety of the stories go!).
Is it more accurate to say that the colors were "selected" or that they were "borrowed" hand-me-downs?

As shown below, we now have the technology to make the change:

However, do not spend hard-earned tax dollars for green uniforms or any equipment for the few who
care to play school sports. After all, all the other kids, who prefer to play sports with the kids
in their own neighborhood, do not expect taxpayers to pay for any uniforms, equipment, transportation,
or anything else. Equipment for Physical Education Class is a wise "investment" because it benefits
all, not just a few.

Those who put an emphasis on school sports may very well be partly to blame for Green winning second
place in the research results at: These Are The 10 Most Boring Places In Ohio.

As many in Columbus, Ohio say (and many OSU students agree):

"Some of those Buckeye Fans need to grow up and get a life!"

But at least the Buckey Fans have taken one step forward since high school.