Episode 26

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Episode 26

Who can tell us what the building is for which the first story is shown below?

Clue #1:

The first and second story are shown below:

Clue #2:

The first and second and third story are shown below:

Clue #3:

The complete photograph is shown below:

Clue #4:

The photograph is from about 1918.




The solution is given below.

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The building is Kepler's Landing Hotel, which is sometimes referred to as Shrakes Hotel.

The 1918 photo above and other photographs of Kepler's Landing from Summit Memory are
given below:

The photo below is reported to be from 1909:

The photo below is reported to be from 1909:

It is not known when the photo below was taken:

Keplerís Landing was built in 1896 (lumber harvested from 1892) at 153 Shrakes Hotel Drive at the
south end of Turkeyfoot Lake. It hosted events such as ski shows, hydroplane boat races, and rubber
company picnics.
A dance pavilion, which extended out over the lake, was built in the 1920s northeast of the hotel
and served as a roller rink during the day. The dance pavilian was torn down in 1953.
The hotel first floor later became known as the Riviera Supper Club and the second floor known as
the New Yorker. The entire building burned down on October 30, 1964.

The set of photos below consists of 11 aerial photos from 1934 to recent years with the year given
in the upper left corner of the photo. The green circles identifiy the hotel, the red circles
identify where the hotel was before it had burned down on October 30, 1964, and no circle is given
after the residence was built on the site.
Notice the dance pavilion extending out over the lake northeast of the hotel was removed in 1953.

The three following photos with descriptions are from the book Portage Lakes by Carolyn Vogenitz:

Newspaper stories follow:

Mastodons compared to Mammoths and Elephants:

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Akron Beacon Journal: October 30, 1964
TheSuburbanite.com: Portage Lakes Spotlight: Jane (Kepler) Gertenslager recalls fond Lake memories
TheSuburbanite.com: Portage Lakes Spotlight: Historical Boat Tour of Portage Lakes