Episode 25

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Episode 25

Who can identify a building in each quadrant of the crossroad (towards the left) in the aerial
photograph(s) below?
The year that each aerial photo was taken is given in the upper left corner of the photo.
The clues will consist of adding another aerial photo of a later year to the set.


There are no more clues.




The solution is given below.

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The crossroad is Arlington Road and Route 619 (a.k.a. East Turkeyfoot Lake Road).
A building in each quadrant is identified in the 1985 aerial photo below:

Information about the East Liberty Schoolhouse is provided by the Green Historical Society at:
East Liberty Schoolhouse

Information about Lawson's is provided by the Cuyahoga Falls Historical Society at:
Lawson’s, A Cuyahoga Falls Original

Information about East Liberty School is not available.

The Nice House is shown below in the Google Maps Car photo from July 2011.
Notice the beautiful hearts and flowers on the roof and the East Liberty Schoolhouse
in the background (lower right) that was built in 1890:
(Notice that you CAN zoom in extremely close.)

The Nice House can also be seen at the Google Maps URL link: Nice House
(Notice that you CANNOT zoom in extremely close.)