Episode 21

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Episode 21

Who can tell us what area the aerial photo below is of?

Clue #1:

More area of the aerial photo is given below:

Clue #2:

More area of the aerial photo is given below:

Clue #3:

The house in the photo below is somewhere in that area:




The solution is given below.

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The aerial photo above was taken in 1934 and is of the area before Nimisila Reservoir was created.
The Nimisila Reservoir was the last of the Portage Lakes to be created.
Nimisila Reservoir was built in 1936 by the Works Progress Administration to provide more
water for the area and to provide work for people in the area during the Great Depression.

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The set of photos below consists of the 1934 aerial photo and a 1950 and 1980 aerial photo.
It is not known why a portion of the center of the aerial photo from 1934 is missing.

The Portage Lakes consist of the lakes and reservoirs as identified below from north to south:

  1. Nesmith Lake
  2. Long Lake
  3. Dollar Lake
  4. North Reservoir
  5. East Reservoir
  6. West Reservoir
  7. Hower Lake
  8. Grape Lake
  9. Miller Lake
  10. Rex Lake
  11. Turkeyfoot Lake
  12. Mud Lake
  13. Nimisila Reservoir

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