Episode 14

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Episode 14

Who can tell us what structure (e.g. bridge, building, boat dock, etc.) that the item shown below
(made of wood, steel, or stone that has '1939' carved, cut, or gouged into it) is a part of and
where that item is located (e.g. at the north, south, east, or west end (or a combination thereof))
in that structure?

Clue #1:

The item in full vibrant colors (up to 16,777,216 various colors to be exact) is shown below:

Clue #2:

The item is made of stone.

Clue #3:

The structure includes this stone as well:

Clue #4:

The structure is a building.

Clue #5:

The building is a school.




The solution is given below.

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The '1939' stone, as pointed to in yellow and circled in red in photos below, is (or was) located
in the south-east corner of the Greensburg School building (known as Kleckner Elementary from 1981),
in Greensburg, Ohio as viewed from Thursby Road below:

Aerial view:

Full view from Thursby Road (south-eastern end):

Full view from Thursby Road (north-eastern end):

Full view from corner of Thursby Road and Greensburg Road (north-eastern end):

Full view from Greensburg Road (north-western end):

According to the Green Historical Society, there were fifteen (15) different schools in
Green before 1899. The locations of the schools are given on the map below from 1891:

In 1899, the schools were combined into one room in which there were forty (40) students.
At that time, high school was a three (3) year course and four (4) individuals graduated in 1902.

The school was built on Thursby Road in 1903 with 8 classrooms for grades 1-8.
The photographs below are said to be from 1908 and 1909 and show the building from Thursby Road:

In 1913, the west section was added, behind the 1903 section as viewed from Thursby Road, as shown
in the photos below:

Back side of building:

Notice the additional doors added to the back as shown in the photo below:

The far west section was added in 1927 and that corner stone is shown below:

An aerial view from 1934 is given below:

The south-east section (i.e. to the left of the front of the building as viewed from Thursby Road)
was added in 1939 and that corner stone is shown below:

Fire destroyed parts of the 1903 and 1913 sections on September 11, 1945 and had to
be demolished and rebuilt as reported by the Akron Beacon Journal Newspaper below:

The photo below was taken on Thursby Road after the 1947 construction which added the large
section along Greensburg Road towards the right in the distance:

Greensburg School was renamed to Greensburg Elementary School in 1957
after Green High School was built on Steese Road.
Greensburg Elementary School was renamed to Kleckner Elementary School in 1981.

The image below gives an aerial view with the year given where it is (currently) believed that the
various sections reside(d):

Many photos of the exterior and interior of the school are included on the Green Historical Society
web page at Kleckner Elementary School at the bottom in the section:
Photos of Kleckner in 2011 at the end of the school year (just before the close of the building).