Episode 10

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Episode 10

Who can tell us the name of the newspaper that the redacted advertisements below appeared in?
Extra Credit: Who can tell us the years that those advertisements were from?

Hi, I'm Meli from RetiredTractors.com and I'm your host for The Green History Detectives Episode 10

Clue #1:

The unredacted advertisements are shown below:

Clue #2:

The advertisements were from the years 1933, 1934, 1936, and 1937.




The solution is given below.

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UNLESS you would like to see the solution.


The newspaper was "The Pioneer" and the advertisements were from Volume 1, Number 1-6 and Volume 4, Number 4-6 from which the top of each first page are shown below:

Those newspapers are available at the links below:

1933 & 1934: Volume 1, Number 1-6

1936 & 1937: Volume 4, Number 4-6

Notice the Bridenthal Ford advertisement:

Surely, Mr. Bridenthal sold some of these fine first Ford V8 vehicles:

He must have sold some 1934 Fords too, like the one in the 1974 movie "The California Kid":

For more information about Bridenthal Ford, visit the web page BRIDENTHAL FORD.

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