Episode 2

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Episode 2

Who can tell us where the photo below was taken?
Extra Credit: What year is the Thunderbird in the window?
Bonus Points: What was removed from the photo below that was in the original old photo?




The solution is given below.

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The photo was taken in front of Bridenthal Ford in Greensburgh, Ohio.

Extra Credit Solution:

The Thunderbird in the window of the old photo of Bridenthal Ford in Greensburg is a Third Generation (1961-1963) Thunderbird. In the photos below are (top to bottom) a 1962 (3rd Generation) Thunderbird (with white letter tires), the enlarged portion of the photo of the Thunderbird in Jack Bridenthal's window, and a 1964 (4th Generation) Thunderbird (with fender skirts and mag wheels). Notice that the edge of the roof around the widows, the rear window opening, wheel openings, and crease in the lower portion of the body of the Third Generation Thunderbird match that of the Thunderbird in Jack’s window. Those features and others are different in the Fourth Generation Thunderbird in the bottom photo:

A 1963 Ford Thunderbird poster follows which shows all Thunderbirds up to 1963:

Bonus Points Solution:

The telephone pole was removed from the photo which is included in the original photo below.

It is possible that the exact same telephone pole is in the photo below as taken by the Google Maps Car in August 2011. Notice the telephone pole steps (a.k.a. pegs) appear to be in the exact same position in the old photo of Bridenthal Ford as in the photo below:

Note the image below:

For more information about Bridenthal Ford, visit the web page BRIDENTHAL FORD.

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